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The most selling NBA jersey of all time            


Wearing a jersey of a favorite NBA player is something real fans always do. Every sports fan wants to wear a jersey of their favorite player and represent the team they cheer for. Regardless of whether the jersey is an authentic jersey or a replica, wearing an NBA jersey has become very common thing that every fan does. Sometimes fans buy multiple jerseys over the years and collect them for different purposes. NBA teams also try to make or add something different to their jerseys each year, so fans would come back and buy a new jersey.

NBA has had a lot of legends over the years and many of them have left big mark on the league. Every decade has its own best players, whose jerseys have sold in huge numbers. Interestingly, the official numbers for most selling NBA jerseys come from the official NBA Store located on New York`s Fifth Avenue. However, there are surely thousands of jerseys sold in other stores or in other ways. Breaking down numbers about most selling jerseys is not an easy thing to do, but according to the NBA Store, the best selling NBA jersey of all time is Michael Jordan`s jersey. Which number on the jersey was not revealed, but considering the fact that Michael Jordan is most famous for his 23 number, it is not hard to guess.

Michael Jordan started his famous NBA career in the mid-80s and achieved his best results during the 90s decade. During his playing career he made it to the All-Star for 14 times and won six championships. Between 1991-1993 his Chicago Bulls became champions three straight times and the second three-peat happened between years 1996-1998. In between he took short break from his favorite sport of basketball and played professional baseball.

Michael Jordan also had one short stint playing for Washington Wizards between 2001 and 2003. His number 23 jersey is most famous of course, but he also wore the number 45 when he returned back from his first retirement in 1995. However, he quickly switched to his old number 23 which was his trademark. Interestingly, he wore the jersey with number 9 when he played for Washington Wizards between 2001 and 2003, but that jersey did not sell much in the official NBA Store. After Michael Jordan, the second-best selling jersey of all times is Los Angeles Lakers` Kobe Bryant jersey and third-best selling is Philadelphia 76ers` Allen Iverson jersey.

Michael Jordan`s number 23 jersey is still selling worldwide, and the price for getting one is pretty high. There are many collectors and sports fans willing to pay large sums just to get that piece of history. It’s so popular among sex that girls are trading pussy pics for the jersey. Michael Jordan has revolutionized the game of basketball and attracted millions of people towards this beautiful sport. His playing style, charisma, his winning mentality and his conduct on and off the court have all contributed towards his number 23 Chicago Bulls jersey to become the most selling NBA jersey of all time.