Basketball Jerseys

The current top 10 basketball jerseys

NBA is a league associated with style, glamour and class. All players put a lot of attention on how they look and all teams have their unique styles. NBA jerseys are still ads free, which makes them very attractive in the sports world. The following are the current top ten basketball jerseys:

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers

Solid colors, nice red and LeBron James are some things that make Cavaliers` jersey stand out. The color contrast is also nice, so no matter whether playing home or away – the jersey of current champions looks really good.

  1. Portland Trail Blazers

Trail Blazers have a classic jersey with simple colors and clean lines. It has a bit retro style with the color bars on the front side, but that is what makes this jersey attractive among fans.

  1. Philadelphia 76ers

The combination of white, blue and red, along with the nice stars located under the arms are some things that make this jersey popular. Although the Sixers are long past their good Allen Iverson days, their jerseys are still selling a lot.

  1. Utah Jazz

Jazz jerseys have been one of the top NBA jerseys ever since the 90s decade. The modern look, nice green colors and colorful lettering with music note J give make Utah Jazz jersey one of the top ten basketball jerseys at the moment.

  1. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers` unique combination of purple and gold always looks great, no matter how good or bad the team performs. Their jerseys provide nice aesthetic appeal, which is one of the reasons why so many people are buying them.

  1. New York Knicks

Knicks` jerseys remind of those they wore in the 90s, which works great with the fans. The white and orange combination they wear for their home games is still one of the best, while the blue and orange away kit also looks really nice.

  1. Chicago Bulls

The Bulls jerseys are exactly the same from the Jordan era, but why change them when they still look amazing. The simple red and black combination is still top combination that works really well.

  1. San Antonio Spurs

Another classic jersey with nice U letter is what makes this jersey one of the current top jerseys in the game of basketball. Silver and black combination worn by great players is what gives lot of sales to this classic jersey.

  1. Boston Celtics

The Celtics jersey has been one of the most popular NBA jerseys ever since the invention of the league. Iconic green colors, simple design and clover leaf are a recipe for success for many decades.

  1. Golden State Warriors

The Warriors jersey with Golden Gate Bridge on the front is at the top of all jerseys in the NBA at the moment. The popularity of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson also add to the popularity of their jersey, so Golden State Warriors jersey is currently the top basketball jersey that is widely popular among basketball fans all over the world.

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The most selling NBA jersey of all time            


Wearing a jersey of a favorite NBA player is something real fans always do. Every sports fan wants to wear a jersey of their favorite player and represent the team they cheer for. Regardless of whether the jersey is an authentic jersey or a replica, wearing an NBA jersey has become very common thing that every fan does. Sometimes fans buy multiple jerseys over the years and collect them for different purposes. NBA teams also try to make or add something different to their jerseys each year, so fans would come back and buy a new jersey.

NBA has had a lot of legends over the years and many of them have left big mark on the league. Every decade has its own best players, whose jerseys have sold in huge numbers. Interestingly, the official numbers for most selling NBA jerseys come from the official NBA Store located on New York`s Fifth Avenue. However, there are surely thousands of jerseys sold in other stores or in other ways. Breaking down numbers about most selling jerseys is not an easy thing to do, but according to the NBA Store, the best selling NBA jersey of all time is Michael Jordan`s jersey. Which number on the jersey was not revealed, but considering the fact that Michael Jordan is most famous for his 23 number, it is not hard to guess.

Michael Jordan started his famous NBA career in the mid-80s and achieved his best results during the 90s decade. During his playing career he made it to the All-Star for 14 times and won six championships. Between 1991-1993 his Chicago Bulls became champions three straight times and the second three-peat happened between years 1996-1998. In between he took short break from his favorite sport of basketball and played professional baseball.

Michael Jordan also had one short stint playing for Washington Wizards between 2001 and 2003. His number 23 jersey is most famous of course, but he also wore the number 45 when he returned back from his first retirement in 1995. However, he quickly switched to his old number 23 which was his trademark. Interestingly, he wore the jersey with number 9 when he played for Washington Wizards between 2001 and 2003, but that jersey did not sell much in the official NBA Store. After Michael Jordan, the second-best selling jersey of all times is Los Angeles Lakers` Kobe Bryant jersey and third-best selling is Philadelphia 76ers` Allen Iverson jersey.

Michael Jordan`s number 23 jersey is still selling worldwide, and the price for getting one is pretty high. There are many collectors and sports fans willing to pay large sums just to get that piece of history. It’s so popular among sex that girls are trading pussy pics for the jersey. Michael Jordan has revolutionized the game of basketball and attracted millions of people towards this beautiful sport. His playing style, charisma, his winning mentality and his conduct on and off the court have all contributed towards his number 23 Chicago Bulls jersey to become the most selling NBA jersey of all time.

The top 10 basketball jerseys of the 90s

The 1990s was one of the most memorable decades in the NBA. There were dozens of great teams, players and many wonderful jerseys. Most of them are not in use anymore, but still have high collectors value. Many people will remember how great these jerseys were and how good they are in comparison to today`s jerseys. Women that are fans of basketball love these jerseys. Don’t be surprised if you get pics of nice tits sent to you if your social media profile features you with one of these jerseys. The following are the top ten basketball jerseys from the glorious 90s decade.

  1. Vancouver Grizzlies

This jersey was enthusiastic and revolutionary in the 90s. Oversized font and nice colors caught people`s attention when this team was introduced in the NBA back in 1995. We would likely never see a similar jersey anymore, as it is often seen as a bit cartoonish according to today`s standards.

  1. Houston Rockets

Speaking of cartoonish, yet attractive jerseys, Houston Rockets introduced these jerseys right after winning the NBA title back in 1995. Pinstriped jerseys with a cartoon rocket upfront was something never seen before.

  1. Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors were one of the most attractive teams to watch when they got introduced in 1995, thanks to the amazing dunking skills of their superstar player Vince Carter. The giant dinosaur on their jerseys was amazing and another reason why this team`s jerseys were so popular back then.

  1. Indiana Pacers

The Pacers were a really ‘hot’ team during the 90s and major challengers to Chicago Bulls in the Eastern Conference. The nice combination of yellow & white and yellow & black with diagonal stripes is what made these jerseys very attractive.

  1. Detroit Pistons

Power forward Grant Hill made this teal jerseys popular, but the horse logo on them was something that made them one of the top jerseys during the 90s decade.

  1. Charlotte Hornets

These beautiful teal jerseys were donned by Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson, and featured nice stripes. Simple design, beautiful colors, bold lettering are some things that made these jerseys stand out from the rest.

  1. Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets were a very popular team in the early 90s and one of the major contenders in the Western conference. The Denver skyline and vivid colors made these jerseys one of the top NBA jerseys in that decade.

  1. Orlando Magic

Magic had great set of jerseys. Whether it was white with black stripes or black with white stripes – this jersey was amazing. Shaquille O`Neal and Penny Hardaway were at their prime back then, and the fact that Orlando Magic even reached NBA Finals in 1994 made these jerseys even more popular.

  1. Seattle SuperSonics

The Sonics had unique jerseys with a combination of green, white and yellow. Their excellent design was even more popularized by their superstar duo Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton, who both led Seattle SuperSonics to the NBA Finals in 1996.

  1. Phoenix Suns

The Suns jersey was a very attractive jersey featuring a shooting sun across the front. The diagonal stripes, large numbers and beautiful colors were proudly worn by Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson, Dan Majerle, Jason Kidd and many other great players during the 90s.